Aurora® System

Titanium sintering

The comprehensive AURORA titanium structures are a game changer in 3D printing applied to the dental prosthesis and aesthetic solutions sector. AVINENT CAD CAM developed this innovative structure in order to provide and expand the range of fixed prostheses currently available in the market. Our company led this shift in direction and it has helped us to create a history of change. Are you on board with dentistry 4.0?

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Aurora® System

Notable features

High quality solutions

AURORA structures use titanium 3D printing for the base structure and HSM milling for the implant connections. The manufacturing method provides the ideal surface roughness to retain the coating materials and being less rigid provides greater comfort once in a patient's mouth.


One of the main characteristics is the outstanding retention provided by the structure’s roughness, enabling the coating material to adhere.


The connections are machined using HSM milling to ensure the highest possible precision. We have an extensive catalogue of this type of structure and we constantly develop new models.


Conceived to be finished using soft materials. It is possible to mill the entire piece and connect it to the structure or mill the piece as separate parts to make any work in the clinic easier.

Types of restoration


The main structure design is conceived so that the laboratory can choose from three different types of solutions: Premium, Composite, and Acrylic


The Premium solution consists of the main structure in titanium and a milled upper structure to ensure a perfect fit.


The Composite solution is conceived for finishing the structure using a liquid composite material. In this case, the structure’s roughness enables the material to adhere much more effectively.


The Acrylic solution means that the laboratory can personalise the main structure’s retaining areas so that the acrylic teeth adhere much better and do not detach later.



Over 4 implants (12 teeth).

Ideal for full upper and lower renovations.

Perfect for acrylics through being able to customise the areas of retention.

Particularly indicated for restorations using soft materials.

I want a combination of aesthetics, durability and guarantee. And with AURORA, I get all these.

Jorge Reyes "Coke"

The AURORA 3D printed titanium structure, a case report by prosthetist Jorge Reyes

Among the types of prostheses available today, hybrids are an implant restoration option that can help patients have a fixed denture and restore their oral function, as well as offering an acceptable esthetic at a reasonable price.  

Dr. Jesús López Vilagran

Full implant-supported restoration using AURORA system

Aurora® System

The most natural side of 3D printing

Discover a new way of designing prostheses using state-of-the-art technology and the most advanced materials in the sector. Laboratories can now use a solution that adapts to their needs. A single structure with numerous possibilities.

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