Dental System 2019 Software

The numerous new developments to the Dental System 2019 software by 3Shape promise improvements in productivity and efficiency in order to give creative potential free reign.

Friday, July 12, 2019

  • 10 times faster when opening new cases, importing and exporting files and opening forms
  • Implementation of the automatic work flow (the system automatically creates proposals when designing single copings and crowns, allowing design corrections at any time)
  • Improved gum for bridge implants
  • Includes the option to reconfigure the client-server system
  • Smile libraries by Pizemek Seweryniak and Kate Brantvik
  • Fullcontour design service(with direct link)
  • Greater control when adjusting the gum for the bridges.
  • Option to refine the scan
  • New Segmentation step on the workflow (Margin Line is now called segmentation and the Annotation Design step has moved to Segmentation)
  • Automatic insertion direction based on annotation point
  • Faster import and export of materials
  • Export of designs to earlier versions of Dental System
  • New connectivity mode between design centres
  • Automatic installation of Dental Desktop (a requirement for the installation of RemovablesSmile DesignSplint Studio)

Splint Studio

  • Inclusion of automatic work flows
  • Possibility of designing all types of aligners
  • Extremely fast calculation motor
  • Option to mill or print in 3D

Smile Design

  • Option to share the design of the smile with the patient
  • 3Shape Real View to connect the 2D and 3D designs
  • New libraries
  • New mirror function


  • Best aesthetic results and a more profitable production
  • Option to design and produce several sections of teeth with bridges for prosthesis
  • Greater flexibility when selecting production methods for each section
  • Control of insertion and visualisation of the protrusion
  • Lower cost of materials when milling
  • Easy to fix
  • Allows the protrusion of the teeth to be viewed from the base
  • More simplified intraoral scanning for the workflow
  • Adjustment of connectors for aesthetic resistance
  • Option to refine the scan
  • Intuitive names for manufacturing options
  • Improvements to the prosthesis library
  • Integration with Dentsply milling machines

3Shape Communicate

  • This provides an improved faster and higher quality connection
  • New options to share FTP and 3Shape Communicate cases
  • Receipt of cases from Dental Desktop
  • Newly designed portal with an improved 3D viewer, better interface response and comments available in the views of all the cases

For further information, consult the extended document on Dental System’s new developments.

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