HyperDENT V9.0

HyperDENT V9.0 betters its previous version and extends its CAM potential

Monday, November 11, 2019

HHyperDENT is one of the leading software on the market, providing CAM solutions adapted to specific application and implementation requirements. 
The newest version of HyperDENT brings an extended range of possibilities including:

  • Direct connection to the CAD-system output file, enabling the software to recognise new designs.
  • Admission of clamping devices which allow for the horizontal processing of dental parts.
  • Automatic selection of undercut areas.
  • Inclusion of the new ‘trochoidal milling’ development which achieves significant time savings in manufacturing dental parts of different materials.
  • Extension of machining possibilities for prefabs to include the ‘4XSimultaneous’ functionality.
  • Manufacturing of larger parts.

Update your version of HyperDENT and enjoy a highly automated and flexible system.

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