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3 new products from Formlabs

Formlabs launches three new products that improve 3D printing in quality, speed and reliability.

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Stack your models with the NextDent 5100 Stack Arches feature

The new Stack Arches tool will allow you to stack your models vertically with just one click.

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New printing materials with Formlabs

Formlabs has recently launched new materials families and resins.

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Form 3B, optimised for biocompatible materials

Form 3B is the new printer from FormLabs designed especially for the dental sector and optimised to print biocompatible materials.

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HyperDENT V9.0

HyperDENT V9.0 betters its previous version and extends its CAM potential

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Samples available from the NextDent 5100 printer

Now, AVINENT offers a wide range of printed models with the NextDent 5100

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Milling with the new DD Poly X ML

AVINENT offers the new material DD Poly X ML, now also available to mill your assignments.

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Download Preform by Formlabs

Download PreForm by Formlabs and improve your digital workflow.

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New Material DD Poly X ML®

Now available the new PMMA multilayer by Dental Direkt.

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NextDent 5100 and materials update

NextDent new firmware and materials update.

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