Stellar® System

CAD CAM Drilling

Throughout their long history, AVINENT CAD CAM has provided a fully customised prosthetic structure milling service for natural teeth or implants on a wide range of both metal and ceramic materials. AVINENT’s HSM technology provides the solution, enabling creating outstanding quality structures in record time.

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CAD CAM Drilling

Every material for every solution

Stellar® products cover from the simplest customized abutment to a complete structure using titanium bases with more complex angle correction, through more aesthetic units, with an endless number of options in terms of materials, customised designs, and model scanning if required.



Available in titanium and CoCr, on natural teeth and implants, with angle correction of up to 30º. A high-quality solution with unrivalled resistance.


Biocompatible, light, and resistant.

Resistant, precise, and long-lasting.



On both natural teeth and implants, we work with the best brands in the market to offer you all types of aesthetic or functional solutions.


DD CubeX2
Highly translucent white zirconia for crowns and bridges up to three units.

Highly translucent white zirconia for crowns and bridges of more than 4 units.

Highly translucent multicoloured zirconia for crowns and bridges of more than 4 units.

Translucent zirconia particularly indicated for monolithic bridges and crowns of any size.

Highly resistant opaque zirconia indicated for crowns and bridges of any size.

3M Lava Zirconia
Opaque zirconia ideal for monolithic restorations up to 6 units.

3M Lava Plus Zirconia
Highly translucent zirconia for crowns and bridges up to 4 units.

Aesthetic materials

Aesthetic materials

Advanced materials to achieve superior aesthetic results and ideal performance in patients. Discover the extensive range of outcomes possible with these restorations.


VITA Enamic
A hybrid ceramic with three levels of translucency and a high load absorption, ideal for minimally invasive aesthetic single restorations.

VITA ENAMIC multiColor
A hybrid ceramic with natural colour transition for aesthetic and quick solutions through its non-fired, polished finish.

VITA Suprinity
Highly resistant vitreous ceramic with ideal translucency for aesthetic unit restorations

Highly aesthetic and highly resistant vitreous ceramic with a wide range of indications.

3M Lava Ultimate
An ideal resin nanoceramic for aesthetic units, guaranteed for 10 years.

BreCam .HIPC
A long-lasting composite for removable and fixed prostheses.




Excellent biocompatibility with the highest resistance. PEEK’s characteristics and specific properties make it a special material requiring consideration with any total renovation. Ideal for patients with allergies, very light, and wear resistant.



We have quality materials for any temporary prostheses


DD Temps MED
Temporary bridges and crowns. (Up to 12 months)

DD Poly X ML
Multicoloured polymer for temporary bridges and crowns.



For producing castables with excellent properties for milling. (Non-medical product)

A comprehensive milling service

The Stellar® system has an extensive digital library that was developed for the leading, most advanced design software in the market. We also offer a 3D model printing service so that you have every potential accessory required.


Cutting edge technology

An extensive digital library

New Material DD Poly X ML®

Now available the new PMMA multilayer by Dental Direkt.

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Using intraoral scanners, we were able to rehabilitate two complete arches with maximum precision, thus avoiding the errors typical of conventional impressions. 

Dra. Paula Pontevedra Gómez

Complex rehabilitation of a Class III using digital work flow

Treatment in the anterior esthetic zone is particularly challenging. The use of immediate temporary abutments makes it possible to reproduce the interproximal spaces and to satisfactorily shape the peri-implant soft tissue.  

Dr. Mallebrera & Sr. Juan José Sempere

Immediate post-extraction Biomimetic Coral IC implant placement in the anterior esthetic zone

With the appearance of intraoral scanners, soft tissue and teeth information (.stl) can be overlaid with high precision on the hard tissue information provided by CAT (DICOM).

Dr. Jesús Isidro

Advantages of guided surgery based on DICOM and STL in daily practice

There are next-generation materials that provide great advantages in this type of treatment when combined with an optimal implant system.

Francisco Carrillo

Fixed prosthodontic restoration via the VITA ENAMIC IS solution

Our commitment to the patient is to be able to compensate for the loss of hard and soft tissue so that 3D positioning of the implant is correct, the hygiene and esthetics of the implant-supported crown is optimal and the reliability of our treatment is not compromised in the long term.

Dr. Daniel Capitán Maraver & Dr. Manuel Fuentes Ortiz

Creating emergence profiles in immediate implant dentistry

Artificial pink gum can provide a simple treatment in this kind of case, eliminating the need for complex invasive guided regeneration surgery.

Dr. Jesús López Vilagran

Prosthetically guided implants in the anterior region. White and pink esthetics

The use of healing abutments during the treatment enables us to preserve the tissue architecture, reduce the treatment time and provide a good esthetic result.

Dr. Ricardo Medina

Post-Extraction BIOMIMETIC OCEAN CC implant with PEEK healing abutment

Correct handling of the immediate provisionalization can be essential in cases with very high esthetic expectations.

Dr. Jesús López Vilagran

Esthetic CAD/CAM restoration using a VITA ENAMIC® custom abutment on a titanium base

Machining (turning) as well as milling makes a significant difference: machining the connection of the piece makes it possible to obtain a far more precise fit and to prevent micromovements and micro-leaks. The use of this technique results in greater long-term predictability and prevents a number of unnecessary risks.

AVINENT single-tooth restorations: unique in their fit and range of materials

The use of new and innovative materials, combined with CAD/CAM technology, enables us to expand the possibilities for therapeutic treatments and to obtain far more precise, esthetic and satisfactory results.

Dr. Francisco Pire Garcia

PEEK: an esthetic and precise alternative

Certain vertical defects in esthetic sectors can be corrected using prosthetic restorations without complex surgery or guided regeneration techniques.

Dr. Pep Serra y Dr. Albert Castro

Digital restorative dentistry and pink esthetics

One of the key factors for success is optimal three-dimensional placement of the implant with maximal preservation of surrounding tissue.

Dr. Ivan Mendoza

Anterior implants and immediate aesthetic restoration: a challenge for clinicians

Before beginning oral rehabilitation work, it is very important to thoroughly analyze the case and discuss treatment expectations with patients. This way we can determine the best treatment for the patient. Once the decision has been made regarding

Dr. Sergi Pedemonte Sarrias

Milled structures add value to prostheses

Dr. Sergi Pedemonte Sarrias

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